quinta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2013

Life and death Severina

My name is Severino, as I have no other to sink. As there are many Severinos, which is holy to pilgrimage, they then call me Severino de Maria; as there are many Severinos with mothers Mary calls, I was being the Maria of the late Zechariah. But it still says little: there are many in the parish, because of a Colonel who called himself Zacharias and was the oldest Lord of this land. How so say this now your Lordships? Let's see: it is the Maria Severino of Zacharias, the serra da Costa, limits of Paraiba. But it still says little: If at least five more had named sons of so many Marys Severino women of so many others, already dead, Zechariah, living in the same Sierra skinny and bony in which I lived. We are many Severinos equal in everything in life: in the same big head that the cost is that equilibrates, the same womb grew up on the same thin legs, and also because the blood we use is low on ink. And if we Severinos equal in everything in life, we're equal, same death death severina: death of who dies of old age before the age of thirty, before the ambush 20, starving a little a day (of weakness and disease is that death Severina attacks at any age, even people not born). Many equal at all and Severinos sina: to slow down these stones sweating a lot, trying to awaken the Earth always more extinct, of wanting to rip some brushed ash.

João Cabral de Melo Neto

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