quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

It is forbidden

It is forbidden ...

It is forbidden to mourn without learning,
Stand up one day without knowing what to do
Be afraid of his memoirs.

It is forbidden to laugh no problems
Do not fight for what you want,
Leave everything to fear,

Do not turn your dreams into reality.
It is forbidden not to show love
To pay for your questions and in a bad mood.
It is forbidden to leave friends

Don't try to understand what they have lived together
Call them only when you need them.
It is forbidden not to be yourself in front of the people,
Pretend that it doesn't matter

Be nice to remind you,
Forget who you love.
It is forbidden to do things alone,
Not believing in God and make your destination,

Be afraid of life and commitments,
Not to live every day as if it were a last breath.
It is forbidden to Miss someone without rejoice,

Forget your eyes, your smile, simply because his ways
Forget the past and pay it with your gift.
It is prohibited to attempt to understand people,
Thinking that their lives are worth more than yours,

Not knowing that everyone has its shape and its fate.
It is prohibited to create his story,
Do not give thanks to God for your life,

Do not take a moment for those in need
And can't figure out what life gives you, even pulls.
It is forbidden not to seek happiness,

Don't live your life with a positive attitude,
I don't think we can be better,
Do you feel that without you this world wouldn't be the same.

Pablo Neruda

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