sábado, 11 de maio de 2013


Hi to you ... Who is tired. That worked. That was hard. That neither had time today to dream a little.
If all he wanted now was a love. Or a cup of coffee from a helping hand. A note saying how much is special ... Hi!
If your eyes are dry but I would cry. If I wanted a hug without ulterior motives. If your feet hurt. If you are too tired to read a book or take a tea.
From time to time, the life recedes, hoping to take possession of it with more courage.
Is the cry of a heart patient, waiting for nothing than purchase money. Expect the sweet peace of recognition ...
So today I came to say ... Hi!
Hi you that is so special ... That has so many talents. So much sensitivity. A beautiful smile. It has wonderful gifts!
Hi you that dribbles and WINS all the problems. Thoughts on change and improve anything. That deserves affection, that deserves attention.
Hi you is a divine spark. That is loved and loves. Which has more qualities than defects. That has more hits than errors. That every day arouses more beautiful!
Hi friend. Life is like that. Sometimes the heart hurts no do not know from what. Nothing so great. Maybe some crumbs of love and affection ...
So today I bring you the portion of my affection. Because you makes a difference in my list of happy times, kind-hearted people, wonderful personalities.
You are a drop of my ocean of love and cheer, my antidote to the pain of a life too demanding and accelerated.
You are the gift that never WINS. It is a blessing that will not be repeated. Unique Sun Ray is friendship.
From time to time life amazing to see how much love has a simple ... Hi!

To you, with affection and gratitude for his virtual presence making my best moments!

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