sexta-feira, 3 de maio de 2013


Being a mother, is giving itself completely to the children.
Is Chew and swallow concern, care and zeal.

Is losing sleep nights in losing the smile on the lips.
Is sing Lullaby songs inspired by the look of her son.
Satisfy the hunger is giving to eat son.
Is dressing up in the clothes,
That covers the body of the beloved son.

Is to accept the apologies of the son,
Even having to be rigid in education ...
Mae is a supreme being who brings into your life,
The sweet pleasure of giving life,
The other be blessed.
And protect one of the largest assets,
We have in this world!
Mother ...

Infinite Supreme Godhead!
Not importing never ... ever!
If she and a rational or irrational

Mothers are sacred in this world,
Act for maternal instinct!
When it comes to food or even,
Protect your baby!
Anyway ...
Sacred divine gift,
To be ...
Being a mother and your heart!
And an incarcerated,
Where it turns off the light!

Being a mother, family, Angel
Being a mother, synonymous with goodness,
tenderness, tenderness and joy!
Being a mother and vibrate the beauty of the Sun and the Moon in his soul!

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