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What is God?

What is God? God is the mind. What the mind does by man? The mind gives us intelligence, wisdom, strength ... The divine mind is the infinite source of these qualities. She gives us all the ideas and the inspiration that we need in our daily lives. we are all under the unerring direction of divine mind, who knows everything, and tells us all we need to know. "And will all be taught by God" (John 6:45). Here are some excerpts from science and health that speak of the activity of the mind: "... this Mind only shines by its own light and governs the universe, including man, in perfect harmony" (p. 510). "The divine mind sustains the sublimity, the magnitude and multitude of spiritual creation" (p. 511). "... the divine mind produces in human health, harmony and immortality" (p. 380).

What is God? God is the spirit. What the spirit makes to man? The spirit manifests itself in spirituality, purity, freedom ... "Because the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, will rid the law of sin and death" (Romans 8: 2). Here are some excerpts from science and health that speak of the activity of the spirit: "the spirit provides the mental idea true" (p. 467). "The spirit conveys the understanding that raises awareness and leads the whole truth" (p. 505). "Spirit, God, gathers the appropriate channels the thoughts have not yet formed and deploys these thoughts, just as he opens the petals of a sacred purpose, for this purpose may appear" (p. 506). "What is real is supported by the spirit" (p. 556).

What is God? God is the soul. What the soul is by man? It conveys the sense of our true identity as children of God. The soul is manifested in creativity, spontaneity, beauty, courage, joy ... She conquers and destroys any discouragement. "The soul has infinite resources to bless mankind, and happiness would be achieved more easily and would be safer in our power, if sought in Soul" (p. 60). "The influence or action of the soul gives a freedom that explains the phenomena of improvisation and the fervor of uneducated lips" (p. 89).

What is God? God is the principle. What the principle is by man? He creates man and the rules under the law of harmony, health, the supply ... the law of good. The principle manifests itself in obedience, discipline and balance in think and act. The principle addresses the alleged injustices with justice law, which guarantees all the good to all, without exception. The divine principle in fixes and keeps us in harmony. "... only this divine principle reform the sinner" (p. 6).

What is God? God is life. What makes human life? It manifests itself in productive activity, correct and abundant, which blesses everyone. Life dispels the belief in inaction and destroys the fear of death. "The divine life destroys the death, the truth destroys the error, and the Love destroys hatred" (p. 339). "God is life, or intelligence, and preserves the individuality and identity of both animals and men" (p. 550).

What is God? God is the truth. What the truth is by man? The truth destroys the error. The truth in human consciousness, expelling any error of our thinking. The truth manifests itself in humans in the form of honesty and integrity. "The truth should expel, and in fact expelled the error out of all the I. The truth is a two-edged sword, protect and guide "(p. 538). The truth kills "sense of evil and all ability to sin" (p. 540). "That the truth lay discovered the error and the destroy the way the God destroys human justice, and imitate the divina" (p. 542). "The truth promotes idea of Truth, not the belief in illusion, or in error" (p. 555). "The truth is Yes and gives harmony" (p. 418). "The truth liberates man" (p. 225).

What is God? God is love. What love does to man? Love loves infinitely and also to each of us. Love banishes fear of our thinking. "There is no fear in love; before, the perfect Love casts out fear "(1 John 4:18). Love takes care of us, it involves us with his power and presence. "Coated with the panoply of love, you are under human hatred" (p. 571). The Love "is under, over and around all be true" (p. 496). "Divine love fixes and governs the man" (p. 6). "Love is reflected in love" (p. 17). "Love inspires us the way, lights, it means and it guides us ... You wait patiently for the divine love hover over the waters of the mortal mind and form the perfect concept "(p. 454). "Divine love always has and always will satisfy all human need" "... because all mankind and all the time, the divine love provides all the good" (p. 494).

This whole thought process helps us to better understand God and understand the wonders he does for us. This understanding back us peace, security and happiness.

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