sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2013

In our wihirlpool

Slide smoothly ...
And gently ...
In our whirlpool,
Full of soft wine!
Slide gently ...

My tongue in love with you!
By your body traslumbrante,
Beautiful seductive diva ...
You causing groans,
Now soft ...
Now totally insamos!

Provo warm wine,
Bathing your body ...
Provo with lyricism,
Their beautiful breasts,
Fully hard already!

Provo quietly after,
All its lush body,
Provo meet you ...
The wine that this bathing
Your sacred paradise!
Giving you wonderful,
And intense explosions orgásticas!
You guide me the language,
Up your G-spot!
I note in your eyes deep ...

The extreme pleasure,
These feeling in the body
And in his soul!
My beloved flower divinissima!

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