terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Passionate Lovers

Smears on your honey
causes me more the seat
in thy lap takes me to heaven
entorpeca me adrede
tie me in your links
bite me mild to mouth
they catch me in your hugs
being your body my clothes
stroke me the hair
quenches me misguided libido
meet me all calls
my beautiful immortal husband

In misguided madness
In our nest of love
Our Dungeon erotica
Fiery kisses
By overwhelming passion
Almost carnal ...
But our only
Souls enamoradas
We had dinner at candlelight
And at the end of the dinner
Available as the Moon
Naked I leave you
And we in love
Hopelessly ...
On the balcony of our balcony
With the hot feeling
We are being observed
In other buildings
By vouyers

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